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United we WILL defeat this plague!



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Each t-shirt or sweater you buy helps to get a struggling addict off the streets and into a year-long addiction treatment program. Not only are you financially helping but also by wearing TBA clothing you are exposing this epidemic that is plaguing our communities. Addiction thrives in the dark - it cannot survive in the light - BE THAT LIGHT!



 Rest assured that every cent of your donation will go straight to expanding our operation and getting as many struggling addicts the help they need. We will be providing a weekly update of how many of our brothers & sisters have been given a second chance at life through your generous assistance.


Together we will win this battle and put an end to this plague


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We are always looking for new team members who are eager to join the fight and help out any way they can. If your life or the life of your loved ones has been effected by addiction - join our team and help to stop the spread of this deadly disease.