Soberlink Supports Touched by Addiction's Mission to Break the Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Both Soberlink Devices with Monthly Client Detail Report (Level 1)

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Soberlink is an accountability tool for those in recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder. With Soberlink, you can stay connected to your recovery circle which rebuilds trust, establishes structure, and provides peace of mind to loved ones. 

Read and watch uplifting sober stories of those who have found success with Soberlink to learn more.

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How it Works

Documenting your sobriety to boost self-confidence and re-establish relationships is now easier than ever.

Customized Testing Schedule

Customized Testing Schedule

Test two to three times a day with automated text message notifications that help build structure and relieve the stress of random lab testing

Easily Document Sobriety

Our discreet and innovative device allows for testing anytime, anywhere. We strive to break the stigma surrounding addiction and monitoring.



Woman Facial Recognition

Verifies Identity

FDA-cleared devices use facial recognition technology to confirm identity. This helps to rebuild trust without being invasive. You can't cheat the system.


Cloud Storage

Real-time results sent to our cloud-based alcohol recovery management portal. Real-time results mean immediate intervention from loves ones if necessary.

Real-time results

Viewing Soberlink Advanced Report

Advanced Reporting

Easy to understand reports of test results to boost self confidence and find patterns in recovery.


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