Touched by Addiction Speaking Team

What's our purpose?

Touched by Addiction was started by those of us that fell into the depth of despair and addiction where very few come back from. We managed to overcome it and are on a mission to help others to do the same. Whether it's a struggling family member, a loved one or yourself - we know how to help you because we have been where they or you are.

Our presentations are tailored to the audience we are presenting to with emphasis on early signs of addiction recognition, various treatment methods as well as the facilities that provide the help that might be required.

Our mission is to inform though sharing our stories, to inspire, while eliminating the stigma of addiction and mental health in general so those that need help will have the courage necessary to do so and reach out for the much needed help.

We have each been there - let us show you the steps we took to overcome this deadly disease and the steps you and your family can take to avoid it altogether,

Let's get through this together.

TBA Team


Contact us a we will send you a  through description of the presentation, our credentials as well as a Power Point Presentation detailing every aspect of what to expect!